Embedded Service Framework

The Embedded Service Framework (ESF) is the next generation of Odonata’s products, aiming at extending the reach of the service-oriented approach to real-time applications and tiny devices such as wireless sensors. ESF is composed of two main packages:

  • A toolkit for efficient embedded XML processing (CXP): this toolkit provides several efficient mechanisms for processing XML and EXI documents, including a lightweight event streaming API and an XML data binding mechanism allowing the direct conversion of C data structures to and from XML and EXI documents. All APIs are shared between the XML and EXI implementations, allowing an application to seamlessly switch between the two representations. Use of EXI can bring significant gains to an application, both in reduction of the document size and improvement in processing efficiency: benchmarks show that 10-fold improvements are possible in some scenarios.
  • A highly modular, lightweight communications framework: the framework supports fully asynchronous communications, and provides predefined modules, including implementations of standard transport protocols, application protocols and XML-based protocols, to quickly develop Web Services and REST applications. The framework leverages the capabilities of the embedded XML processing toolkit to provide efficient and high-level access to the XML payload of exchanged messages.

Contact us for more information about the availability of the ESF, or for participation to our on-going beta-test program.