Founded in 2003, Odonata is a software editor and service provider with competences in system integration technologies based on XML and Web Services. The company uses its expertise to help customers design, develop and integrate state-of-the-art technologies in their products. As the foundation of its offer, Odonata uses, develops and supports open source embedded Web Services communications software (, for the C and Java platforms: originally developed in collaboration with Schneider Electric, these software components are designed to be embedded in small devices, and to provide them with the communications capabilities to interact with other actors, including other devices, mobile phones and PDAs, home and office PCs and enterprise systems.

The components implement the DPWS (Devices Profile for Web Services) OASIS specification, which adds addressing, dynamic discovery and event management capabilities to traditional Web Services applications. Odonata has actively participated to the DPWS standardization process: Antoine Mensch, Odonata’s CEO, is a member of the OASIS WS-DD technical committee and a co-editor of the DPWS specification. Odonata also develops and distributes commercial software components leveraging the open-source framework to provide value-added capabilities, such as enhanced performances or security. Odonata provides consulting, development and support services for integrating the above software components in its customers products and systems.